Saturday Coaching….

Wow,  a new year, a new coaching session!!

So our final committee meeting of last year saw us take a decision to introduce some trial coaching sessions on a Saturday afternoon in January and February. We had been granted the use of Pitville by the council to expand our sessions and hopefully open up to more riders, who may not have been able to attend our regular Wednesday night sessions. It also meant that we could have longer sessions and we could actually coach in the daylight again.

When the idea was first conceived, I don’t think any of us realised how successful and popular these sessions would be. To date we have run 3 Saturdays and had between 25 – 30 riders at each session……FANTASTIC!!!

We are now considering adding more Saturday sessions to the original plan and these extra dates will made available as soon as they have been confirmed. So keep your eyes and ears open for more news.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already been along to our Saturday sessions, then please do so and while the riders wear themselves out around the course, the parents can enjoy a chat with club staff over a nice cuppa and a doughnut…….always good:-)

Hope to see you all soon.

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