Post Lockdown – CTW Returns to Pitville Park!!

It’s been an eternity since we last set our wheels in motion on the soft grasslands of Pitville Park, but finally since the government eased the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, British Cycling has given the go ahead to return to organised club activities……..HOORAY!!!

It isn’t without some limitations obviously and the CTW coaches and committee have been working hard to put things into place and ensure that everything is set for a return to coaching commencing……..

Please see below for further details:



 2020 has certainly been a year like no other!  From all of us at CTW we hope you and your family have kept well over the last few weeks and months.

I know many riders are extremely keen to get back to the park and I’m delighted to say British Cycling has now given the go-ahead for coaching sessions, providing they are delivered in line with government guidance on group sizes and social distancing.  So, we are planning to restart on the evening of Wednesday, 8th July, and will be offering a block of four coaching sessions through the month of July. 

With that in mind and in preparation for our return, there will be a number of changes to the way we operate to ensure that we adhere to guidance from the government, Cheltenham Borough Council (whose land we have permission to use), and British Cycling.

In setting out the following procedures, we hope that you feel confident that we are doing everything to keep our riders, our team and yourselves safe.  Whilst we might not get everything right first time, we are prepared to start and learn as we go.  We have put procedures in place, which may be subject to change as we learn, listen to your feedback, and receive any further guidance from the governing bodies that support our sport.


How sessions will be managed

 To keep everyone safe, we’re offering small group coaching sessions with a ‘coach to rider’ ratio of 1:5.  Given the size of the park and the number of coaches available we can create three courses and offer two session times during Wednesday evenings.  This means we can accommodate up to 30 riders across six teams.

This ratio will enable us to cover all our current members and some siblings that have ridden with us a few times.  Unfortunately we will not be able to accept new members at this time.  We hope that we can return to our usual ‘taster’ sessions and new riders in the autumn.  For now, we will offer the following:

Session dates: Four sessions on the following Wednesday evenings – July 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th

Session times: Each session will last 45 minutes with a 6pm start for the younger riders and a 7pm start for the older riders.  Please note that if you have siblings, we can discuss how best to schedule their sessions and, if appropriate, accommodate the same start time.

There will be a clear 15 minutes between sessions to avoid or limit any crossover of riders and parents.  We therefore request that pick up from the 6pm session is managed quickly and efficiently to facilitate a smooth transition between the groups.

When you sign up, your rider will be allocated a TEAM.  They will stay with this team for the duration of the season.  You will also receive a schedule detailing which course and coach you will be allocated each week.  We have set up four courses and have five coaches available so riders will be able to experience a new course each week and work with different coaches.

We understand that you may not be able to attend each session.  That is okay as we will not allocate anyone else to that group.  This is to ensure we are keeping everyone safe and to avoid unnecessary administration on our part.

Payment: Due to this unprecedented time and with due consideration that sessions could be halted or cancelled, we have decided not to ask for payment up-front.  Instead, at the end of the four weeks you will be invited to make a donation to the club for the coaching sessions your son/daughter has received.


How do I sign up?

Operating procedures and sign-up forms

Attached are two documents:

1.    Operating procedures sets out what is expected of parents and riders which will need to be followed EVERY time you attend a session

2.    Signing on form which must be returned to me before 6th July so that we can allocate your son/daughter to a ride team.  Simply complete the details and type your signature.  We will take your email as confirmation that you have read, understood and accepted how we will need to operate.

You will then receive confirmation from us by the evening of 7th Julycontaining your team allocation and start time, along with a course map and instructions on where to meet your coach.  It will look something like the example below:


RideRir Name

 A. Rider





Team C




Session Dates

8th July

15th July

22 July

29 July

Start Time





Finish Time





Coach and contact number

Richie Morgan

Cheryl Johnstone

Adam Weir

Nicky Harverson

Course location

Oval circuit

Park side (Leisure@ side of park)



Meeting points will be highlighted on the map and relate to the course location.  If in doubt, you can look out for your coach for reference and Izzy and Claire will be there to help things go smoothly on the night.

I realise this is a lot of information to digest.  If you have any questions or concerns that we have not addressed, then please email or give me a call on 07740899907.

Thank you for your continued support and we are really looking forward to welcoming you back on the park.


Best wishes

Nicky Harverson

Club Chair

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