Membership for the club is now managed through the British Cycling Club Manager. Follow the link to British Cycling website and click the ‘Join our club’ tab. 

There are two options available:

Single membership for juniors or Family membership which includes parents and 2 or more children.  

Your details are held with British Cycling and will be made available to the club. All members are also encouraged to join British Cycling to take advantage of their third party liability insurance.
During the registration you will need to accept the terms and conditions of CTWYCC. These are listed below and on the website on the Club Ethos page.
For applicants under 16 we will require the consent of the parent/carer of the named member/s. Please ensure you have read the document and provide consent.
Terms & Conditions

  • Single membership is £10 and Family membership is £20 and is valid for 12 months.
  • Once membership expires, you must renew with 28 days of renewal notice otherwise you will be deemed no longer a club member.
  • All new memberships and renewals should be applied for through the British Cycling. All members details will be held by British Cycling and by the club on an excel spreadsheet. The club will not share your details with any third party.
  • All new subscriptions will be either accepted or rejected by the Club Membership Secretary. Any person whose application to join the club is rejected has the right to appeal in writing to the Club Chairman and Club Secretary.
  • Once membership is accepted you will be issued with a membership number.
  • If you have any questions regarding membership then please contact the Club Membership Secretary.on

Coaching Courses – open to members
Each term time course consists of several coaching sessions. Attendance is recommended at all of the weekly sessions in each course so that the young riders can gradually progress through the skills being taught. Booking your place in advance is advised. 
Coaching Trial Sessions – open to non-members.
If a young rider’s age group/ ability group is not full, a trial session may be available. This needs to be pre-booked via the coach responsible LINK to coaches/ sessions. Payment for the trial session is due at the start of the session along with a completed Visitors Consent Form ~ Coaching. The fee for a trial session is normally £5.00. This will be set against the fee for the series if you decide to continue.
Go Ride Racing Events – open to members and non-members
The young rider needs to be registered on the day (cut off time is usually 15 minutes before racing commences). Payment of £2.50 is due on the day at the registration sign in desk. Consent is obtained on the Annual Family Membership Form for members. A completed Visitors Consent Form ~ Go Ride Racing Form is required for Non-Members.
MTB/ Road Rides – open to members
These are designed for young riders who are 12 years and older and riders need to be members of British Cycling with third party insurance. Young riders under 14 years need to be accompanied by a parent or grown up with loco parentis and a completed Consent Form for Accompanied MTB/ Road Rides. Young riders over 14 must have either a completed Consent Form for Unaccompanied MTB/ Road Rides or a completed Consent Form for Accompanied MTB/ Road Rides.