Down & dirty on the ‘trail build’……

Recently the CTW coaches and committee got together and began adding some new features to the CX course at Pittville.

After close consultation with Cheltenham Borough Council, who own and look after the land around Pittville, Chairman Nicky Harverson got the support and financial backing to add some discreet, yet challenging features to the existing course. She even got out with the mowing team to create some new lines and the all important ‘Circle of Doom’ on the lakeside of the park.

Initially we have created 3 small drop-offs. 2 close together at the bottom of the steep hill towards the end of the ridge section and one larger drop-off just into the park by the wooded section. These are hopefully just the beginning, as plans are afoot to introduce rollers, berms, step-overs and all being well, a rock garden on one of the many slopes.

It was a fab day, as the gang worked well together to create what will potentially be a great feature to coach and ride on, but most of all haveĀ FUN!!!!!

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