Autumn Season Draws to a Close…..

As the nights begin to draw in and the conclusion of the post lockdown Autumn season draws near, we take a look back at what the club has achieved over the last few months, in what has been an extremely unusual and disruptive year.

This Autumn season has seen a huge change to the club, in both the organisation and management of the coaching sessions and a brand new membership format. Both have been highly successful and seen our rider numbers dramatically increase to near maximum capacity on the park for the number of coaches we currently have and the challenging circumstances in which we are faced with. The membership numbers have also grown from 17 to 41 and we currently have a waiting list for future coaching and taster sessions when we return in the first winter session, beginning in November.

A huge amount of credit must be given to 3 ladies; Nicky Harverson, Cheryl Johnstone and Izzy Budd, whom without their patience, personal time and dedication spent to reorganising the club membership and programme, we would not be in such a good position as we now find ourselves. THANK YOU!!

As you can imagine, Covid-19 brings many challenges to running a club like this and delivering fun and effective coaching sessions for all of our riders. Parents, riders and coaching team safety is at the heart of all of our planning and will continue to evolve as circumstances dictate. But for now, we are back on the park, doing what we do best and enjoying the ever growing club.

It is at this point I would like to thank you for your continued support to the club and helping us continue to grow and prosper. We look forward to many more exciting times ahead as we move towards the first winter sessions and across to Saturday afternoons.

See you all soon.

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